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A compendium of excellent sites you might find interesting...

We want to provide you with the best vegetarian resources and information we can find. Our articles are one source of excellent information. This resource list is another. Here you will find links to other vegetarian or vegan or even raw food sites.

They run the gamut from other recipe sites to specialized sites like smoothies or nutrition. If we think it is a worthwhile site we list it...if we don't list it then we haven't found it to be helpful or informative.

 If you have a suggested site please leave a comment or just a suggestion about anything you'd like! As always, we appreciate your input.

Raspberry Recipes at Raspberry Depot - Enjoy hundreds of free, easy raspberry recipes with pictures, information on how to grow raspberries, raspberry nutritional information and more. A website devoted entirely to everything raspberry!

Simple Home Natural Remedies Work. They can work for you, too! Learn how by visiting our friends at Natural-Juicing-Remedies. They bring you effective recipes for healthy juices and smoothies to deal with many health problems. Various information on nutritional supplements, organic treatments, and cures. Exhaustive tutorials on juicing, making smoothies, choosing the best juicer or/and the best blender for your household. Delicious vegan and veggie raw food recipes.

There are a lot of great websites with some terrific recipes. We're glad they are friends of All-Veg and we want to share them with you as well...that said...

Kindly check out our friends at Yummy You'll find so many great recipes and articles you'll keep going back for more! And while you're browsing for great recipes...

Head on over to for more of your favourite recipes using fruit and vegetables.

Another great site to consider is our friend Maria's Vegetarian Kitchen. As she puts it: "Welcome to the Vegetarian Kitchen! Here you will find healthy, simple vegetarian recipes for busycooks and ideas on how to create culinary delights to keep you and your family asking for more." Pay her a visit at Vegetarian Kitchen and find even more great recipes and information.

Want some great ideas for making nutritious drinks your entire family will love? Want to know how to make Smoothies? Visit our friend Debbie's site. She has recipes for just about any kind of healthy, tasty Smoothie - lots of them! Simply click the link above and Go!

Here at All-Veg we believe variety is the spice of life! Whoever thought that a vegetarian or vegan diet was all about eating salads or beans was not well informed! While Mimi Avishai runs a website called
Simply Vegetarian, her recipes are nothing short of tasty, diverse and nutritious! She has an increasingly large selection of simple vegetarian recipes, vegetarian nutrition information and lots of great ideas.

Belsandia is your guide to a healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable lifestyle. Browse through healthy eating guidelines, vegetarian recipes, and healthy living tips. Find out why going green with food is more effective than all clean energy. Learn how to fight global warming and animal cruelty at the same time.

Raw Food Diet Solution
- A complete raw food resource with advice, support, recipes and information for anyone interested in the benefits 

of a high raw diet.

Ladies - Are you looking for animal friendly shopping sites? Visit for a large selection of cruelty free cosmetics & beauty products. Large Vegan section too!

Think about "Green Living" - Do you know how to determine your "carbon footprint"? What can you do to help mitigate the impact we all have on our earth-home? How can you change your diet to eat healthier and reduce your carbon impact? For more ideas than you ever thought you could find on the subject visit our friends at:
Carbon Footprint Defined

Another great site worth seeing for tips on "green living" and reducing your carbon footprint is Going Green For Life.  

Are you always on the go? Finding time for a healthy meal isn't always easy. If you want some excellent tips on how to eat a healthy diet regardless of your "busy lifestyle" visit our friends at Busy Vegan. You'll be glad you did!

For more recipes and interesting articles take a look at Living Well Magazine.

Are you a tea drinker? You will be when you get a look at the wonderful selection of teas at. . . Generation Tea

And...if you want to know more than you ever thought you could know about tea, the health benefits, types of tea, tea history and just about anything else be sure to visit our friends at  Your Cup of Tea

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