Pasta Salads

A great tasting pasta salad will be a hit any time!
These are some of our favorites.

Pasta salads are pretty much a staple anymore, especially when you think of picnics or pot-luck dinners or a get-together with friends. Most pasta salads are delicious but many can be a bit heavy and loaded up with calories.  They don't have to be.

Here are some of our favorite vegetarian pasta salads.  They taste great and would be a crowd-pleaser wherever you take any one of them.  Of course, your family will love one of these delicious salads just as much, gathered around your own dinner table!

Spring Pasta

Spring Pasta Salad

Orzo Summer Salad

Orzo Summer Salad

Lemoned Lentil and Pasta

Lightly Lemoned Lentil and
Pasta Salad

Mezzi Rigatoni Salad

Mezzi Rigatoni and
Kidney Bean Salad

Sichuan Pasta Salad

Sichuan Pasta Salad

Confetti Macaroni and Bean Salad

Confetti Macaroni Salad

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