Vegetarian Chili Recipes

Some of the best vegetarian recipes are the chili recipes...thick and hearty, some with heat and some without...but ALL delicious!

You may be wondering why we chose to devote a separate page for vegetarian chili recipes. I mean, it's soup, right? Well sort of.  We think that these delicious chili recipes deserve a place of their own because we think they are simply some of the best chili recipes around.

After all, chili is kind of special. You can adjust the recipe and make it as mild or as hot as you want. Most soups and stews have one taste temperature. They may be savory or slightly sweet or even a little hot. But chili is different. Spice it up - sometimes the spicier the better!

No matter how you like your chili - mild or hot or "burn the house down" - these chili recipes are sure to please. Have a look.  Make one or two of them and let us know what you think. We always enjoy your comments!

Chili with a Choke

Chili with a Choke

This is a great chili recipe!  It is chili with a bit of a twist. The addition of artichoke hearts adds just the right amount of tangy flavor to the dish.

Easy Crockpot Vegetarian Chili

Easy Crockpot Vegetarian Chili

Slow cooker chili - let it stew for awhile!  This terrific recipe comes from our friend Lise Galipeau.

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Spicy Vegetarian Chili
submitted by
Courtney Hartman
Ft. Wayne, IN

Make this one as hot as you can handle!  The jalapenos and hot sauce are the secret to success with this great chili recipe!

Green Chili

Green Chili

Your friends may be a little envious when you serve this delightful chili. It's especially good with sliced avocado and a glass of cold Sangria!

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This Italian Style Chili is a real taste treat.  It's thick and zesty and makes good use of the many ingredients that give it it's name.

Italian Style Chili

Oh! One more you think a nice slice of warm cheddar bread might go well with that bowl of chili?  We do too. Here's a great recipe for Cheddar Bread.

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