Grilled Veggie Salad

Nicely grilled veggies, pita wedges and hummus...
the perfect light summer lunch

Grilled Veggie Salad

The perfect ending to a perfect long weekend...this delicious grilled veggie salad was prepared and submitted by John Hartman.

The grilled veggie salad - grilled to perfection I might add - was a delicious lunch that capped a long weekend of family exquisite summer salad.

Grilled Veggie Salad


4-6 large Vidalia onions
1-2 large green bell peppers
1-2 large red bell peppers
1-2 large orange bell peppers
1-2 large yellow bell peppers
4 large zucchinis
1-2 lbs. fresh asparagus
1 large container grape tomatoes
1 large package of arugula
extra virgin olive oil
salt and ground black pepper
Balsamic vinaigrette

How we make it

Core and halve the peppers for
easier grilling.

Slice the onions into thick slices
(about in thirds.)

Slice the zucchini into thick

Clean and break the asparagus.

Brush all of the veggies with extra
virgin olive oil and place on a hot grill.

Grill until nicely seared and grill marked,
and crisp-tender.

Remove from the grill and allow to cool to
room temperature.

Cut the onions and peppers into large chunks.
Cut the asparagus spears in half.

Place all the veggies in a large bowl and gently
mix them together.

Fill a large salad bowl with arugula and toss
together with about half the veggies.

Top the bowl with the remaining veggies and
some grape tomatoes for a beautiful presentation.

Serve with pita wedges and hummus.

The recommended dressing served on the side
is a light Balsamic vinaigrette.

Serves 8 to 10 as a main course luncheon salad.

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